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With over 60 years of continuous operation, XLT Inc. has the experience and expertise in developing high quality products that are simple to use. We have grown to become the leading manufacturer for conveyor ovens and exhaust hoods. Our products are found in a variety of industries and markets from around the corner to around the globe. The XLT product line represents the culmination of years of valuable experience into an affordable, reliable, and best-in-class solution for pizza & other restaurant operators.

XLT ovens and hoods are designed and built to work together as a complete system. Building the most reliable and long-lasting performance products, we focus on quality in every process. Our products undergo extensive testing to prove performance, accuracy, and efficiency. When analyzing the total life cycle cost of our products, they are more durable and cost effective than any of our competitor's products.

On top of our industry leading warranty plans, our technical support team partners with installation, distribution, and service companies around the world to provide quick assistance and long term solutions for our customers.

H Series Ovens

We know even the most reliable equipment can still experience issues. That is why XLT offers the industry's longest warranty, up to 10 years, on our H Version conveyor ovens. We want you to concentrate on your business, not worrying about your equipment. Should your warrantied equipment ever have an issue, one call to XLT's 24/7/365 technical support line 316-943-2751 is all it takes to start the service process. One of our factory-trained technicians will get you going on your first call or, in the event of a larger issue, dispatch a local service technician from our national service network to resolve your issue. Servicing your equipment is quick and you never have any out of pocket expenses for any warranty work. And remember, all your XLT equipment have lifetime phone and email support.

The award-winning H Version oven line provides up to a one-minute faster baking time.
Using patented and patent-pending technologies, XLT has reduced end-loss, keeping the hot air where it needs to be, in the bake chamber, cooking your food. This more efficient use of convection air has allowed the XLT Version H to cook up to one minute faster over our G Version conveyor ovens.

An overall better-quality bake
Even though the Version H oven can cook much faster than its awarding winning predecessor, the Version G oven, the quality of bake is not sacrificed. In fact, Version H has better internal temps allowing for better doneness and increased food safety. In some cases, our customers have been able to cook different food products on the same belt that were previously at different belt speeds and temperatures with equal or better bake quality.

More capacity - which in turn means more satisfied customers and more profits for operators
You may not need that extra speed all the time, however, when peak time comes, the XLT H Version oven will provide the capacity you need to meet the demands of your customers. Missed opportunities due to capacity constraints will no longer be an issue for you. With over a dozen model sizes, XLT has the perfect sized H Version oven to meet your restaurant's needs, today and for many years to come.

H Version conveyor oven continues the long XLT tradition of quality and reliability
XLT knows that equipment downtime can be an operator's worst nightmare. That is why every XLT oven is engineered to the highest quality standards. These standards have kept the uptime of in-field XLT ovens to over 99%. We continually work with our vendors to help create better and longer lasting components.