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We are the foodservice equipment maufacturer representative for Hatco Corporation, and have been since 1962. We cover Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and the UP of Michigan as our territory of responsibility. Since 1950, Hatco has been a leader in creating innovative ideas for the foodservice industry: bold innovations in equipment that improves efficiency, reliability and profits. Hatco is dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality engineered equipment offering maximum performance.

In May of 2007, a monumental event in the history of Hatco Corporation occurred. With the stroke of a pen (actually, several pens), the employees of Hatco assumed 100% beneficial ownership of the company. As significant as this event was, it should be noted that the company started by Gordon and LaReine Hatch in 1950 remains a family corporation - only now our family is larger. Through the years, Hatco has been the home to some of the brightest minds, freest spirits, and most singular personalities in the foodservice industry.


Snack System

Hatco has come a long way from since starting out making water booster heaters. Hatco has teamed up with Suntec to create the Snack System, designed to expand menus and sales. With a single or dual electric baker, you can easily switch the replaceable plates to serve breakfast items, lunch foods and a variety of snacks in between. One-touch release with latch opener for easy plate replacement. Comes with standard round Belgian waffle plates and an additional set of plates of your choosing: freestyle, coffee bean, sandwich, panini, donut or chelky.

Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet

The Hatco Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity regulates air temperature and simultaneously balances humidity levels to provide the best environment for holding pizzas and other food products, while a 360 view and energy efficient LED lighting keep the focus on the product. Air flow pattern is designed to maintain consistent cabinet temperature without drying out the food while flowing at a rate that enables the cabinet to recover temperature rapidly after opening and closing the doors.

Refrigerated Wells

Refrigerated and Drop-In Cold Wells from Hatco provide even chilling to effectively blanket pre-chilled food products to retain optimum temperatures, freshness and taste for refrigerated salad bars and more. Our drop-in cold wells come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any installation. Optimal and environmentally-friendly insulation on the sides and bottom provide even chilling from top to bottom for better cold retention and cost savings. Includes an adjustable condensing unit that can be rotated 90 or 180 for easy venting adjustments and flexibility.


Hatco may be best known for keeping food hot with our food warmers and heated merchandisers, but in recent years our product line has expanded. Hatco takes induction cooking to the next level with Induction Ranges and Induction Warmers, which are built for the durability and performance of commercial foodservice use. Hatco's line of Commercial Induction offers equipment solutions for buffets, cafeterias, catering, concessions, and restaurants & cafes. Countertop and Drop-Ins available. Contact us for all of your Hatco Restaurant Equipment needs!