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Richtech prides themselves on offering a complete robotics solution. Whether you're looking to automate production, cleaning, or delivery, Richtech has robust automated solutions that generate revenue and solve your business problems.

Since its inception, Richtech Robotics solutions have been implemented across the country in restaurants, hotels, casinos, senior living homes, factories and retail centers. Richtech's goal is to bring people together by automating the tasks that keep them apart. Established in 2006, Richtech Systems Ltd has been delivering cutting edge enterprise solutions to America's largest corporations for almost 20 years. With partners in over 120 countries/territories around the globe, and over 1000 US customers, Richtech aims to enhance everyday lives and bring the world closer together.

Meet our Robot Team

Matradee Delivery Robot

Our server robot has all the specifications and features needed to provide high-quality service with maximum efficiency. Experience true reliability and become the talk of the town with your Matradee robot. With advanced obstacle avoidance technology, 12 hour run-time battery, and 88 lbs carrying capacity this family of robots are ready to assist in delivering food as well as bussing tables. Allowing your staff to focus on what matters most. Your guest's experience.


Another guest needs another towel in room 205? Don't leave the guest at the front desk waiting. Send Richie! Richie takes item delivery to the next level - literally! This high-tech step in robotics boasts elevator riding technology to deliver food, drink, and other items to guests while ensuring security and efficiency.

ADAM Worker Robot

ADAM isn't just an awesome attraction that will draw attention to your business. ADAM is an efficient and reliable worker that can produce at unprecedented levels. ADAM is an interactive bartender, barista, chef, and more! All while working 24/7/365.

ARM Worker Robot

ARM isn't just another awesome attraction that will draw attention to your business. ARM is an efficient and reliable worker that can produce at unprecedented levels. ARM can perform precise tasks in the front of the house, or in the kitchen. You can finally have a fry cook that works 24/7/365 without a break. And is guaranteed to pass a drug test.

DUST-E MX Floor Cleaning Robot

With the power of automated cleaning at your hands, you will never have to worry about the cleanliness of your floors again. DUST-E MX was designed to be large enough to successfully execute large-scale cleaning tasks, while also disrupting anyone moving around the environment. Finding this middle ground is the key to success for DUST-E MX, and the main quality that sets it apart from its competitors.

Check out the other robots in the cleaning family: DUST-E SX Floor Cleaning Robot & DUST-E CX Floor Cleaning Robot

UV-Guardian Disinfection Robot

The UV-Guardian is the ultimate solution for surface disinfecting. With a completely automated process, the UV-Guardian roams your designated space, utilizing its high-powered UV lamps to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. UV-Guardian is certified by SGS, EPA, FCC and CE. Our patented technology comes with the guarantee that your customers and employees will be kept safe.