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The Rancilio Group is comprised of three superior brands, Rancilio traditional style espresso machines, Egro fully automatic espresso machines, and the newest line Rancilio Specialty specialty coffee machines.

Rancilio Group is a company of great tradition and prestige, engaged in the production of professional coffee machines of groundbreaking technology and design. Since 1927 Rancilio has been passionately committed to safeguarding and promoting the culture of Italian espresso coffee worldwide. This is what we like to call "Coffeeing the World". In other words, we are out to export a corporate philosophy that consists not only of technology, but talent, awareness and inventiveness as well.



Egro has been producing the World's finest espresso machines since 1934. Developing the first fully automatic model in 1972, the brand's industry experience is unmatched. Whether it's a simple two-step machine or a revolutionary fully automatic one-step model, there is an Egro model for you. Check out these features and options.

Rancilio Specialty

Rancilio Specialty is the fruit of the Rancilio R&D Department's experience combined with the skills of a team of specialty coffee experts. This line of machines is designed to engage with the demanding environment of a quality-focused coffee bar by joining workhorse reliability with advanced control and a timeless aesthetic. Proprietary multi-boiler brewing technology gives each machine unparalleled temperature control and consistency, offering baristas the option of using temperature profiling at the brewing stage. The Rancilio Specialty line also features variable steam pressure with 4 presets, adjustable drip tray height, and records the parameters of the last 30 espresso extractions.

Rancilio Traditional

Rancilio has been producing the World's finest espresso machines since 1927. Whether you want to geek out of your coffee or have a classic design and fee. Rancilio Traditional has a Classe of machines to fit your needs. Check out these features and options.