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Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. sells over 34 million appliances to retail customers in the United States every year. The company's global commercial brand, aptly named Hamilton Beach Commercial, is highly regarded for its full line of innovative products found in hotels, restaurants, and bars worldwide. Dedicated to offering excellent customer service, Hamilton Beach Commercial® is always there to support businesses before, during, and after a purchase. It's a highly supportive partnership that ultimately adds significant value to any equipment investment, no matter how large or small.

Hamilton Beach Commercial® represents a long tradition of innovative products. When Louis H. Hamilton and Chester Beach teamed up in the early 1900s, little did they know that their collaboration would lead to more than 100 years of industry firsts that would span homes and businesses around the globe. One early milestone was Beach's perfection of a universal electric motor that could operate on both alternating and direct current. This patented motor was used to power sewing machines and other ingenious attachments, thereby ending the era of the treadle sewing machine and other muscle-powered chores such as mixing.


Beverage Automation

Whether you need large batches or single drinks in high volume, Hamilton Beach Commercial® beverage automation solutions offer you a consistent process for reaching perfection every time. Not only will you always get delicious, predictable results, you'll save time and labor with designs that are easy to care for and use.

The SmartServe® Blend-in-Cup Machine means no more blender jars or wasted ingredients because everything you put in the cup is served to the customer. The Revolution® Ice Shaver/Blender lets you quickly blend a large volume of margaritas and daiquiris with maximum accuracy, thanks to its Revolution® ice portion system. Both premium designs are supported by Hamilton Beach Commercial's® excellent after-sale service to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Culinary Blenders

Ordinary food blenders can't touch the blending experience that the EXPEDITOR™ Family of Culinary Blenders can deliver. From soups and sauces to marinades and dressings, EXPEDITOR™ Culinary Blenders give commercial kitchens all over the world the reliable performance they need to create perfect food. With the EXPEDITOR™ Family of Culinary Blenders, it is our highest priority to reinforce your vision, your team and your signature of flavor. Each EXPEDITOR™ is designed to help your kitchen achieve the perfect balance of agility, productivity and capacity. From the top-capacity 1100S and 900S to the robust 600 Series and agile 500 Series, EXPEDITOR™ Culinary Blenders are equipped with everything you need to maximize speed-to-table and exceed your customers' expectations.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum sealing gives commercial kitchens the flexibility they need for a wide range of tasks, from retaining food's freshness and color to giving chefs the ability to easily store, preserve, marinate or prep a wide range of dishes for applications like sous vide. Each in-chamber vacuum packaging machine features a powerful JetAire™ pump that ensures 99.9% air evacuation; 10 programs to automate vacuum sealing and eliminate guesswork; and adjustable soft air to slow compression and help protect delicate food.


Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-performance blenders are famous for creating a super-creamy drink profile. They're so talented that many restaurants and bars prefer them over other types of blenders. That's because with a high-performance blender by Hamilton Beach Commercial®, you get more than blending confidence. You achieve total drink-making mastery.

Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-performance blenders feature timers with automatic shutoff or one-touch blending to give drink operators the precision and control they need. To lower the noise to conversation level, the Quantum® High-Performance Blender has QuietBlend™ technology and an advanced shield enclosure. This lets you blend with amazing power without disturbing your customers' conversations.